Nutrition – Nourishing Your Body with Food

By FitHubADL | In News | on September 20, 2017

Many of you would have heard about the great role proper nutrition plays in our lives and health. We have heard the terms “food is medicine” or “food is life”. Although these are popular Terms there is a reason behind them. Having a great nutrition plan or structure could help prevent certain illness as well as treat some and of course we do require food to live. When we talk about nutrition we are simply talking about nourishing the body with food. So how does this work?
Our bodies require Macro and micro nutrients in order to perform various functions that keeps us alive. When the nutrient intake is managed properly it can help with fat loss, muscle or weight gain, strength gain. Although with a good training program you are more likely to achieve better results. Nutrient intake can be managed with a nutrition plan. So how do we structure our nutrition plan?

In my opinion, I would say you always have to look at your goals in terms of long or short term. I personally like designing my Nutritional / meal plan in the way that it fuels my lifestyle and works long term. However people also may have shorter term goals that they would like to achieve and being able to structure your plan effectively could help you reach these goals. I will be going in depth with how to structure your nutrition in my seminar at the fitness hub held on the 15th of August. My Number one rule when designing a program is the program must work around your day not vice versa. I find having a meal plan or diet that you have to stick to is stressful enough so it’s better if manage it properly so it fits in your day rather than you having to fit your day around it. The next thing would be to make your foods interesting so you don’t get bored. There are a variety of food out there with healthy spices /herbs that can enhance the flavour of food as well as serve a healthy purpose. Having a meal plan you don’t enjoy makes it harder to follow and leads to inconsistency.

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