Women’s Weights Workshop

By FitHubADL | In Fitness, News | on February 8, 2019

Are you thinking about incorporating weights into your workout routine? Despite offering excellent fat-burning and muscle toning benefits, many women steer clear of the weights room in fear of becoming ‘too bulky’ or due to intimidation. At The Fitness Hub, we want to debunk these stereotypes and myths, which is why we’re hosting a welcoming, female-only weightlifting workshop! We’ll teach you correct and safe techniques, while you discover the immense benefits of strength training for your physique, cardiovascular health and metabolism.

For just $75 get access to the 3 workshop sessions and get a detailed program to take away with you.

To learn about upcoming dates or to book a spot, call us on 8313 6999, email us at or visit us at Level 5 Union House, The University of Adelaide.

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